Mental Health and Substance Use - Anti Stigma in Young Adults Campaign


Earlier this year we received funding through the BC Partners to develop and launch a Mental Health and Substance Use Anti-stigma campaign for young adults, ages 18-24 years old. We are excited to update you on this project and we hope you will be interested in participating!

Our research has shown that campaigns such as this often miss out on including important voices in the discussion, so we will be actively seeking out those voices. One of the communities we are especially interested in hearing from is young adults coming out of the foster care system.

What we hope the campaign will do:

  • Increase awareness about mental health and substance use issues in young adults
  • Identify and dispel the myths and self judgements held by young adults
  • Increase self-acceptance and help seeking behaviors
  • Increase awareness around services available to young adults

We hope to accomplish in this by:

  • Conducting focus groups with incentives around the province to listen to the voices of young folks to learn about the judgements that they have internalized around mental health and substance use.
  • Hear what young folks’ understanding is of the resources available to them, what resources they wish existed, and get advice on details such as what kinds of art mediums speak to them.
  • We will be working alongside young adults with lived experience to develop a video as well as print materials created by, with, and for young adults.
  • Offer opportunities, where possible, to young artists in the areas of graphic art and video production to contribute their art to the project.
  • Explore the prospect with youth of launching a social media campaign and hashtag so that folks can engage with the project online, share the campaign, and make their own contributions to the discussion as well!

At this stage we would love to hear from other organizations doing great work in this area about what types of resources would be helpful in their work and we hope to hear from the young adults who use those service as well. If your organization would like to be involved there are a few ways you can help with the project as it progresses:

  • Help us identify youth that would be willing to share their stories and/or art.
  • Helping to bridge a connection between us and the young folks you serve.
  • Hosting us for a focus group.
  • Distributing community feedback forms.
  • Helping us to continue stay engaged with the youth that participate beyond the focus group.
  • Screening our video at your organization after it is completed.


Mood Disorder Association of BC

(A branch of Lookout Housing and Health Society)


Program Coordinator phone: 604-873-0103 ext. 328



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