Mental Health and Substance Use - Anti Stigma in Young Adults Campaign


Image Description: Poster with blue background. Heading text reads “We are working on a campaign about mental health and substance use for young adults (ages 18-24) who have experience with the foster care system”, text on right side of poster contains list. List heading is “Our Goals”, List proceeds in bullet form “Start a conversation about mental health and substance use, Identify and dispel myths, increase awareness of services that are available, Promote self-acceptance, Encourage seeking support when it’s needed, include people with lived experience in each step of the project”. Bubbles in middle of poster list “How you can participate” “Attend a focus group and tell us what would be useful to you!” “Share your thoughts on our online Feedback Form.”” Sign up to stay involved as the campaign develops” “Sign up to create artwork for the campaign.” Block of text at bottom of poster “To sign up or fill out a Community Feedback Form, please go to:” Logo at bottom for Mood Disorders Association, in partnership with Here To Help. Logo indicating funding provided by Provincial Health Services Authority.