Group Medical Visits


About Group Medical Visits:


Group Medical Visits are open to all current patients of the Adult Psychiatric Clinic. To find out which group each doctor is facilitating, see GROUP TIMES on the left or contact MDABC for information, 604.873.0103 or 

The Group Medical Visits are posted on a four week rolling calendar, the fourth week will be posted Fridays.  We have one spot reserved in each Group Medical Visit available the day of the group . Please note that this spot is not always available. Call us at 604.873.0103 at 9am to enquire about the availability of these appointments. 

Please note that the Psychiatry Clinic at MDABC is a specialty clinic. Your file will automatically be closed if you have not made and attended an appointment with an MDA psychiatrist in 12 months.


Completion Of Insurance and/or Disability Forms


We are aware some of our patients may require insurance and/or disability forms completed by their primary psychiatrist. To ensure we provide quality care and have your forms completed in a timely manner, we require the following:

  • Please book into a GMV with your primary psychiatrist and bring your form to the GMV. The GMV appointment will allow your psychiatrist to follow up with you and briefly review the form. At this appointment, your psychiatrist will determine if he/she has adequate information in your chart to complete the form independently OR if a 1-on-1 follow-up appointment is required to complete your form. It is important to note the form will NOT be completed in the GMV. We encourage you to book into a GMV as soon as you receive your form to allow sufficient time for our psychiatrists to complete it.


  • To further efficiency, we ask that you fax or email your form into our clinic at 604-873-3095 prior to the GMV or drop off the form with our front desk staff who will be able to provide a copy for you. 


  • Depending on the type of form that you require to be completed, there may be an associated fee. The fees are determined by the Doctors of BC fee guidelines. Thank you for your understanding.



Group Medical Visits: Cancellation Policy


Please call MDABC offices at (604) 873-0103 if you need to cancel your Group Medical Visit. We require 24 hours notice if you cannot attend so that we can schedule another patient into your place.  You will be billed a $25 late cancellation fee - payable before your next visit - if you give MDABC any less than 24 hours' notice of your cancellation.

You will receive a confirmation email when you book your online appointment.


Group Medical Visits: Late Arrival Policy

We request that you arrive on time for your Group Medical Visit appointment as late arrivals tend to disrupt the group and it is disrespectful to those speaking. If you arrive 15 minutes late, the doctor will not be able to see you and the no-show fee ($25) will be charged. This fee will need to be paid before your next visit.

Please note that the doctors are not available after group to talk to late arrivals. 


Please do not book for a Group Medical Visit until you have had your first consultation with one of the psychiatrists at the Adult Psychiatric Clinic at MDABC.


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Please click here to see a short video of a typical Group Medical Visit.