Family Resources

Mental illness can be as challenging for family members as it is for the person experiencing the illness. It is vitally important that family members take the time to learn how to best help someone experiencing mental health issues—not only to ensure that support is beneficial to the person receiving it, but also that support-givers maintain their own health.

To help, BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions has published a resource manual, Family Self-Care and Recovery From Mental Illness, available for download as a PDF document. It's been very popular and offers a wealth of practical guidance for families dealing with mental illness.

Family members may also find these resources helpful:


MDABC also offers family-focused support groups in the following areas:


For supporters/caregivers only
2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month
Time:  7pm - 9pm
Location: Mount St. Joseph’s Hospital, 3080 Prince Edward Street, Harvest Room A