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About MDABC Mental Health Education Videos


In order to reach out to the public and to make vital mental health information more accessible, MDABC produces a series of original videos which we post on our YouTube Channel.  The videos feature experienced professionals and/or people with lived experience from the BC community who provide invaluable insight into variety of issues surrounding mental health.

If your organization would be a good fit to be the subject of a video, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at with "video topic suggestion" in the subject line.



2017 Education Videos

Myths about Anxiety - Common myths and truths about Anxiety

Stigma around mental illness - Experts talk about what stigma towards mental illness is and how it affects health and life outcomes.

3 CBT Skills - In this video you will learn 3 CBT skills; all or nothing thinking, Overgeneralization, and Jumping to Conclusions

Mental Health on College and University Campuses - Dylan Le Roy, a counsellor at Simon Fraser University, discusses mental health on college and university campuses, what students can do if they are struggling, and warning signs that something may be wrong. 

CBT Mini-series: Episode - 3 Self-esteem - In this video, Dr. Melanie Badali, a board member at Anxiety BC discusses what self-esteem is and how to improve your own using CBT techniques. 

CBT Mini-series: Episode 2 - Core Beliefs - In this video, Dr. Melanie Badali, a board member at AnxietyBC, discusses what core beliefs are, how to identify them, and CBT strategies to adjust negatively oriented core beliefs. 

CBT Mini-series: Episode 1 - Thinking Traps - In this video, Dr. Melanie Badali, a board member at AnxietyBC discusses the basics of CBT and common thinking styles and thinking traps. 

The Importance of Self Care - Caer Weber, a support group facilitator at MDA, discusses self care and its importance in maintaining mental health.

Myths and Facts About Teen and Youth Mental Health - This video describes some commonly believed myths about mental health in youth and teens and the truth behind them. 

Anti-stigma in Students and Youth - In this video, school counsellor Nancy Kartsonas discusses mental health stigma in teens and students and what can, and is, being done to address it. Nancy is the former chair and co-chair of Vancouver Secondary Counselling Department Heads in Vancouver School Board representing eighteen high schools. She is also the former critical incident team leader for Vancouver Schools for a two year period and has been a member of the district critical incident team for ten years. This is a volunteer group of counsellors that provide support for sudden death of staff and students and respond after violent incidents or traumatic situations affecting 118 schools. 

Mental Health in Youth - Dr. Kimberley Da Silva from the North Shore Stress and Anxiety Clinic discusses mental health in teens, the differences between adults, and warning signs for parents.

Mental Health in Rural BC - Dr. Christin Fabriel-Leclerc, a general practitioner and a fourth year resident in the UBC Psychiatry program in Prince George, discusses mental health in rural BC and some of the limitations and resources for residents of rural communities. 



2016 Education Videos

Mindful Body Awareness Technique - In this video, yoga instructor Brandi Matheson will teach you a mindful exercise on body awareness. 

Mindful Check-in Technique In this video, yoga instructor Brandi Matheson will show you how to do a simple mindful check-in exercise.

Mindful Sound Observation TechniqueIn this video, yoga instructor Brandi Matheson will show you a mindful exercise using sound observation.

Bonnie Ritchie's Story- Bonnie is a board member of the MDABC, and in this video she talks about her personal experience with mental health concerns and the stigma around mental health

The Benefits of Music Therapy - In this video, Susan Baines, PhD, MTA, FAMI from Capilano University talks about the benefits of music therapy for people with mood disorders.

Mental Health in the Workplace - This video features Julia Kaisla, the Director of Community Engagement at CMHA talking about the importance of mental health in the workplace.

What is Art Therapy? - In this video, graduate students from the Art Therapy program at Adler University speak about Art Therapy and how it can help with mental health challenges.

Self-Compassion - MDABC Support Group Coordinator and Self-Compassion Advocate Caer Weber talks about self compassion and its role in wellbeing.

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation- In This video, MDABC Medical Direcotr Dr. Ron Remick talks about Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) which is a non-invasive alternative treatment for depression.

What People With Mental Health Concerns Want You To Know... - This video is a slide show of people's real words and thoughts about how mental health stigma and discrimination hurts them. The photographs and quotes are by people in the MDABC community.

Mindfulness in Teens - Dr. Dzung X. Vo, MD, FAAP speaks about his book "The Mindful Teen:Coping With Low Mood and Depression"  


2015 Education Videos

Self Esteem and Mental Health - In this video, Certified Canadian Counsellor Viktoria Ivanova, from Heartfulness Counselling & Psychotherapy, talks about self esteem and how it impacts mental health. She also describes a technique to enhance self esteem that you can try at home.

Intuitive Eating - Gentle support for physical & mental health - Charlotte Wieliczko, RCC from Heartfulness Counselling & Psychotherapy talks about what intuitive eating is.

What is EMDR  - In this video Canadian Certified Counsellor Valentina Chichiniova talks about what EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is.

Early Diagnosis  - Dr. Matthew Chow talks about the importance of being diagnosed early in life.

What is Counselling and How it Can Help You - In this video Canadian Clinical Counselor Valentina Chichiniova talks about what to expect when seeking counselling.

Dr. Remick and Teri Doerksen on Fair Child TV - Dr. Remick and Teri Doerksen contribute to this chinese documentry on group medical visits (English speakers have chinese subtitles)

Mood and Gender Dysphoria: a Parents View - Dick and Sharon talk about their daughters depression, anxiety, and gender dysphoria.

Genetic Counseling Personal Testimonial - Rina talks about her personal experience with genetic counseling.

What is Psychiatric Genetic Counseling? - Have you wondered about what genetic counseling for psychiatric illness might be about?

Dave's Story - Dave talks about his life and his experience with mental illness.

Tom Dutta - Chair of the Board of Directors for MDABCTom Dutta talks about his experience with mental illness and gives and update on the programs and services that the MDABC currently offers and what the future may hold.

An Update from the Executive Director - Martin Addison the Executive Director of the MDABC updates us on the whats being planed for the next 3 - 6 months for the MDABC

Helping A Loved one Access Help - In this video Jessica Wilkins explains how to help your loved one access mental health resources.

Communication: Communicating with someone who is unwell - In this video Jessica Wilkins talks about how to effectively communicate with someone who is unwell.



2014 Education Videos


Children with Anxiety - In this video Dr. Mathew Chow talks about children who experience anxiety and the difference between anxiety and OCD. 

Children in Depression - In this video Dr. Mathew Chow talks about the signs and symptoms of children in depression and how they may differ from an adult.

Depression, A Story of Recovery - Teri Doerksen talks about her struggles with depression and her journey to recovery, including how important volunteering has become to her in maintaining her mental health.

Stress and Anxiety - Sara Burrows talks about stress and anxiety. 

Meet the Staff - Meet the staff of the MDABC in video.

What is DBT - Have you ever wondered what DBT is? In this video Alex Chapman talks about what DBT is and who it is best for.

A story of Hope - Caer Weber talks about what has helped her with her mood Disorder. 

What is CBT - Heather Doidge-Sidhu Talks about what CBT is and how it can help you.

A Story of Mental Health - Chris Eltis talks about his experience with schizophrenia.

Mental Illness in Her Own Words - Laura Pope talks about her experience with mental illness.

Ten Common Myths About Mental Illness - The 10 myths and facts in this video were taken from the Canadian Mental Health Association’s website.

Wake Up Your Inner Energy - Linda Dom takes you through a Kundalini Yoga exercise. 

Disordered EatingAnna from Jessie's Legacy talks about disordered eating, 

Self Care for Caregivers - Bessie Wang talks about the importance of self care for caregivers of someone with a mental illness 

Depression - Dr. Michael Krausz talks about Depression

Sleep Hygiene - Dr. Judy Allen gives information on Sleep Hygiene 

Addictions - Mike Mathers talks about addiction.

SchizophreniaDr. Michael Krausz talks about Schizophrenia  

Concurrent Disorders - Dr. Michael Krausz talks about Concurrent Disorders

A Personal Experience with Anxiety - Arto Tienaho talks about his experience with Anxiety

Yoga 101: Making the Mind - Body - Spirit Connectio - Linda Dom - Registered Clinical Counsellor & Certified Yoga (Hatha and Kundalini) Instructor 

Mental Health, Fitness and Motivation - Shirley Ley speaks on the issue of mental health, fitness and motivation. 

Fitness is MedicineDr. Ron Remick speaks to a meeting of the public at Vancouver's West End Community

Stress and Mental Health - Dr. Chris Gorman speaks to a meeting of the public at Vancouver's West End Community


MDABC Speaker's Bureau. 

This an ongoing public awareness program that connects speakers living with mental health issues with audiences around the province. Please click here to see seven of our dynamic and authentic speakers tell their story at recent Education Evening. 

Managing Stress and Your Mood - Shirley Ley speaks on the issue of managing stress and your mood. 


2013 Education Videos

Suicide Attempt Follow-up, Education and Research (SAFER)

My Walk With Anxiety